Monday, June 12, 2006


By Skippy Vance

"And now, Channel Six Action News has a story about one local motel manager who really gets a kick out of life," anchorwoman Monika Powers announced. "Reporter Gary Melvin is going to tell us all about it, right Gary?"

"That's right, Monika," Gary replied. "For 42-year old Howard Johnson employee Sung Lee, practicing martial arts on the job used to be a big Tae Kwon Don't! But recently, his boss agreed to let him teach classes to motel guests in an unused conference room. Now it seems Sung has turned this HoJo into a real dojo!"

Back in the Channel Six studio, every last member of the Action News Team felt goose bumps. Gary had nailed it. Absolutely nailed it. Powers leaned over to weatherman Chance Danson. "Let's see those bastards at Channel Three top this one," she whispered.

(Skippy Vance is associate professor of media studies at Hudspeth College.)

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Richard Quick, Millionaire said...

May I suggest a follow-up story of the tragedy that occurred when the owner thought he had requested a "komodo" when in fact he had asked to be supplied with a "kimono." How tragic to have trained your entire life, only to be consumed by a Komodo in the Hojo Dojo.

The Komodo was actually named Frodo but I would leave that out because, even though true, it might start to sound implausible.