Tuesday, August 29, 2006


By the Creative Writing Class at Fatback Mountain Technical College

"You know what, motherfucker?" Chad announced. "I'd rather push a Chevy than drive a Ford."

"Fuck that shit," Ricky replied. "I'll push my Ford up Mount Fuckin' Everest 'fore I get behind the wheel of a shitty-ass Chevy. Yessir, I'll take a Ford any day a the week."

Shaken to the core by Ricky's unexpected resolve, Chad cursed softly and walked away.


Hugh Jorgan said...

How 'bout THIS for a nom de guerre, mister? For me, it's MOPAR or no car! Y'all're just a bunch a douchebags.

Professor Billy said...

Yes, Mr. Jorgan, in the interest of political correctness, I should have encouraged my students to insert a Dodge into their narrative.

It may bring you some comfort to know that when this story appears in our literary journal next month, it will be accompanied by a lovely woodcut of Calvin uriniating on a Kia.

Best wishes,

Billy Tutweiler, PhD
Fatback Mountain Technical College