Sunday, May 20, 2007


By Ellenor Svoboda

There's a place in France where the naked women dance.

Furthermore, there's a hole in the wall where the men can see it all ― and for only 20 francs an hour, which is an excellent deal.

One afternoon, the men who had come to see the naked women dance found a piece of wood nailed over the hole in the wall. On this piece of wood was written, in French: "Sorry, no dancing today."

The men were sad. Their pockets bulged with coins they had planned to spend on naked, dancing women. Now they would have to spend this money on other things, like food.

Then the men remembered another place in France, a place where organ-grinder monkeys dueled with little plastic cocktail swords. And the men could watch for only 10 francs an hour.

Just like that, everyone's mood brightened considerably.

(Ellenor Svoboda's latest work is semi-autobiographical, as she herself is occasionally a naked woman.)

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wilson said...

i humbly propose a sequal to "a place in france", which includes happy men watching naked women and organ-grinder monkeys breeding for thirty francs and one of their nipples.

just a thought.