Thursday, June 14, 2007


By Orville Perkins

The fog came on little cat feet.

And as the fog got closer, folks saw that they were not real cat feet. They were a pair of cruddy old sneakers, painted to look like paws.

Sandburg, they called out, is that you hiding in the fog? What the fuck is with those shoes? You’re scaring the children, you old kook!

They gave him a few bucks and a sandwich, and told him to get lost. Sandburg meowed menacingly under his breath, and then he began to trudge down the road that led out of town, wisps of cold white fog drifting in his wake.

(Author Orville Perkins is a timid little man.)

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Anonymous said...

Huzzah! Perkins is as brilliant as he is timid! His entire oeuvre enchants me.